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The New Black that Pays Back!

10 years ago people who adopted the frugal way of living were considered hippies or people committed to saving the environment, however since the double dip recession the majority of us now need to find new ways to save on our food bills.

Although becoming green is an advantageous side effect to this new way of living, if we’re honest what really motivates us is the money we can save. Super Scrimper’s is currently one of the most popular programmes aired on terrestrial TV as it gives us incredible insights into how we can save on everyday items without sacrificing our quality of life.
Frugal Food

Our food bills have almost doubled in a decade and not because we eat more, but because even staples such as butter and coffee have doubled in price leaving us powerless against the change. It also seems that we are caught in a catch 22, as we’re constantly reminded to eat our five a day, but it’s the healthy way of living that appears to be the most expensive.
It’s easy to find deals on frozen ready meals, on pizzas, chips and ice creams, however, nuts, seeds and vegetables are at an all-time high due to the increasing prices in petrol and the costs they incur to produce.

There are ways to save though, and many just take a few extra minutes every day. For those of us that cook from scratch we can make our own ready meals by freezing the leftovers, or recycle our waste to make compost, growing our own the following year. Buying fruit and vegetables on offer can also work in our advantage, as many people pass these by knowing they’ll grow mouldy on the vegetable rack before there’s a chance to include them in a meal. Simply take carrots, potatoes, or any root vegetable and cook before freezing, bagging up in portion sizes so you have a roast dinner in minutes the next time your cupboards are bare. Even fruit can be frozen in a variety of ways, such as stewed apples, or pears, or even directly freezing grapes. These make the ideal snack for the weight watchers amongst us.

Another quick fix is to check out a discount voucher site before you shop, as they bring all of the supermarket offers together allowing you to save pounds on your groceries. From free online delivery that saves you money on petrol to ten pounds off a shop over fifty pound. With these little extras sites such as www.discountvouchersite.com can make sure you can eat healthily without breaking your budget.

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